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Discipline with a positive outlook

April 19, 2023

One of the biggest challenges involved in parenting is HOW TO DISCIPLINE OUR CHILDREN WITHOUT BEING STERN WITH THEM. 

As we all are aware that parents are the ultimate role models for their children. Every word they speak and action they take affects their children the most, so the approach has to be positive.

Appreciating and encouraging the efforts of your children positively helps more than highlighting the negatives and therefore building confidence and self-esteem amongst children.

A positive mindset brings positive things – Philip Reiter.

Discipline too has been perfectly comprehended by Jim Rohn “Discipline is the bridge between goal and accomplishment”.

As parents, we need to build that bridge with a strong bond between children and ourselves. As the ultimate goal is that our children feel secure, loved and wanted and what we accomplish is even a bigger achievement. Our children emerging as strong individuals, independent and able citizens of the society and successful in whatever life has in store for them.

Thus, as parents neither should we try to self-discipline our children too much nor too little, but instead strike the right balance which is the key of successful parenting. This in turn leading to a positive, psychological and holistic development of our child.

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