Euphoria (Extra Curricular)

For all age groups

Extra-curriculars are beneficial for children both for physical and mental development and infusing soft skills as well as enhancing interactive learning. The children get an opportunity not just to express, themselves but also to discover themselves and enhance their inherent talent and skills. INAAYA’s Euphoria is an extracurricular program for children aged 9 months to 12+ years. Extra-curriculars are an integral part of INAAYA and our program curriculum. Through Euphoria, any child (registered or not with INAAYA) can participate in and learn a wide range of extracurricular activities that are conducted by highly reputed, established, and qualified expert partners of INAAYA. INAAYA works closely with parents, activity experts, and most importantly children to identify their hidden talents and provides an intrinsic
euphoria encouraging the children to learn even through the demonstration effect. Some of the extracurricular activities are included in INAAYA’s regular daycare & child development programs.

Our present extra-curricular include:

• Music (instrumental & vocal)
• Dance
• Drama & Theatre
• Art and Craft
• Karate & Martial Arts
• Storytelling
• Reading and Calligraphy

• Public Speaking / Elocution
• Potter’s wheel and Clay modeling
• Sustainable development awareness activities i.e., recycling, waste disposal, re-using, planting a tree, collecting rainwater, and compost bottles.
• No-fire cooking 10
• Board Games
• Community programs i.e., cleanliness drives
• Mythological tales and moral stories