Daily or Hourly Daycare Services

Flexible Care for Busy Parents:

Whether it’s for a day or just a few hours, entrust your child’s joyous moments to us. While you take some ‘me-time’ for dates, movies, or shopping, we ensure engaging activities and attentive care for your little ones.

Creative Engagements:

From storytelling sessions to arts and crafts, our activities keep children enchanted and engaged throughout their stay. Our safe haven ensures your child’s happiness and allows you to unwind worry-free.

Birthday Parties

Create Magic:

Celebrate your child’s special day in style at INAAYA! Transform special moments into unforgettable memories! Book INAAYA for an immersive birthday experience. Our spacious garden, adorned with delightful decorations and a host of activities, guarantees a celebration filled with joy and laughter. Our team crafts themed parties complete with decorations, delicious treats, interactive activities, and joyful memories.

 Safe Haven for Celebrations:

With safety as our priority, rest assured that every moment of your child’s birthday will be magical and secure. Personalize every detail to reflect your child’s passions and dreams, making their day truly exceptional.

Karaoke Sessions

Melodic Fun:

Book INAAYA for a fantastic karaoke gathering! Organize a melodious get-together at our amphitheater! Gather friends and family for a fantastic karaoke session amidst our vibrant setting. Let the tunes flow as friends come together for a singing extravaganza. Enjoy musical moments in a safe, friendly environment, creating harmonious memories with loved ones.

Christmas Movie Screenings

Festive Cinema:

Transport into a world of holiday wonders! Host delightful Christmas movie screenings for children and friends at INAAYA. Choose your own movies and relish a cozy movie experience. Embrace the festive spirit in a warm, secure setting, providing an unforgettable cinematic treat for the young hearts.

Morning Tea Walks

Nature’s Oasis:

Join us for a tranquil start to your day! Indulge in herbal teas amidst our serene garden after your morning stroll. Experience nature’s tranquillity at INAAYA, a peaceful retreat for your mornings.